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Add property returning root path of Important FileSystem Locations



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      There needs to be a property in PhoneGap that returns the root path to the general files added to the PhoneGap project (i.e. the directory index.html is in). For example, if I add 'music.mp3' to my project, in Android it will be located in:


      On iOS after being built with PhoneGap Build it will be located in some path like this:


      However, there does not appear to be a programmatic way to determine both <app_ID> and <name>.app.

      This has two side effects:
      1. Paths to audio for Media must be hard-coded separately depending on the platform, which is inconvenient.
      2. Paths to audio for Media cannot be known if developing a framework that uses PhoneGap. Since a framework does not know the App ID or name in advance, it's impossible for the framework to determine the correct path.

      This is actively blocking audio from working on iOS in PhoneGap projects exported by Construct 2 (www.scirra.com), a HTML5 game creator. Also, it seems like kind of an important function to make available anyway, since hard-coding paths for each platform is a pain.

      This PhoneGap Support thread led to this issue: http://phonegap.tenderapp.com/discussions/questions/208-android_asset-equivalent-for-ios


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