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Notification.beep and media.play working only a certain number on Android



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    • Phonegap Desktop with Blank Example

      and Phonegap Build with cli-6.5.0 but on lower versions the same



      i noticed that playing sound files and notification sound only working a certain number if it is played one after the other.

      Then it stoped working an i have to kill the app and restart.

      So i try the simplest example.

      In Phonegap Desktop the Blank example with:

      <a href="#" onclick="playBeep(); return false;">Play Beep</a>

      <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">   

           // Beep
           function playBeep()

      {          navigator.notification.beep(1);          console.log("beep");      }



      on Android 5.1.1 after 26 times stuck

      on Android 7.1.1  and  8.1  after 14 times stuck

      on iOS  I did not observe that



      Now, i make a loop that beep every 2 sec.


      I explore that Android 7.1.1 beeping again after every 5 minutes but only then 14 times


      And i try lower versions of the cli.

      but that doesn't make any difference whether cli-6.5.0 (6.1.2) oder lower 4.1.1, 3.6.4 etc.



      And thats a huge problem.

      Example - a chat that can only make "pling" 14 times in 5 minutes?



      On android 7.1.1 and 8.1 is the intervall 5 minutes and beeping 14 times,

      on android 5.1.1 the intervall is 3 minutes and beeping 26 times

      and on android 4.4.2 it's beeping infinitive


      So what if it's not a problem from phonegap / cordova but from android itself??


      with Ionic the same - play 14 beeps only..





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