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If taking a photo using a file picker, iOS won't return to the web view



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      In my iOS app, I am using a file input to get hold of the content of an image file:

      <input class="file-uploader" type="file">

      If the user clicks on this input dialog, iOS 11 prompts to either take a photo, select a photo from the library, or select another file using the file selector.

      This works fine if I select a photo from the library. However, if I choose to take a photo using the camera, the app shows a full white screen after the camera returns. The photo is returned correctly to the app code, but the view doesn't switch back to the web view, so the app is not visible any more.

      This worked on previous versions of iOS. I'm not sure when this degradation actually took place, since none of my users complained about this and I wasn't testing this specific case for quite a long time.

      (Tested on iOS beta 10. It doesn't matter if the app was built with Xcode 8.3.3 or Xcode 9.0 beta 6. Not even sure if it is related to the beta version of iOS, as I don't have another device with an older iOS version here.)




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