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Unable to get gps position



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    • Android 5.1


      on my Android mobile phone, a Meizu M3s Android 5.1, gps plugin doesn't work very well.

      I have developed a basic app with just the gps plugin and a button to get the current gps position. I run it, and when I push the button to get current position, I get the 'on error' callback with timeout error.
      Of course, the app has access to gps and global gps setting is on.

      If I turn the mobile off and on, then the app works and I get the position. But, if I put the mobile in stand-by and I leave it for a while (10 minutes for example), then the app stops working and and gps requests expire per timeout.

      Enableaccuracy, timeout and age options doesn't affect the bug. I experience the same problem, even if a try to reduce or to increase timeout and age, or set EnableAccuracy true or false.

      Thanks for your attention.
      Regards, plco.

      P.S. Later, I have added the cordova-plugin-mauron85-background-geolocation plugin and while the cordova gps plugin still expires per timeout, this one manages to get the current gps position.


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