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Drop requirement for an iCLA for contributions



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      Discussion here: https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/b611fb3b913ff115b07169f26e4ee8e86094ac444d38683e8769f901@%3Cdev.cordova.apache.org%3E

      Consensus achieved. Proceeding with PR.

      Repro'ed here:

      It's up to us to decide, and right now we require the iCLA except for trivial contributions.
      I want to change this to a more relaxed requirement:
      1. Non-committers do not require an iCLA (you need one anyway to get an account, so that's really a non-issue)
      2. Require a clear intent by the author to contribute under our normal terms, for a non-trivial change
      So some of you will be wondering, what does Apache say about this?
      From: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/www-infrastructure-dev/201112.mbox/%3CA603FFCE-623B-43E9-87F8-39BAA51C72D1@gbiv.com%3E
      Roy Fielding:
      "Yes, that opinion comes from me speaking as a board member and
      author of the Apache License, and has previously been cleared
      with Apache's legal team for a long ago discussion with Incubator.
      We don't need a CLA on file to accept contributions from non-committers.
      We just need a clear intent by the author to contribute under
      our normal terms."
      Other opinions: http://apetro.ghost.io/apache-contributors-no-cla/
      We need to change our Contribute page:
      ... as well as any PR templates:
      This declaration of intent, if posted on Github, will be reflected on dev@cordova.apache.org since Apache sends out an email on each PR or comment to a PR, so we will be able to track it in our archives.
      As usual it is always the committer's responsibility to make sure that all code they push to a repository is compliant with ASF policies.

      Issues need to be created to update all the PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md files in all the repos.


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