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Plugins iOS Custom Frameworks are added to "Embedded Binaries" XCode project section by default

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    • 5.4.0, 5.3.3, 6.0.1, 6.1.1
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      Since CB-9517 was merged and released in 5.3.0 it seems to have changed the approach to adding a "custom framework" dependency declared in plugin.xml with the <framework custom="true"/> directive into the xcode project, as per the following change.

      It assumes all frameworks are "embeddable", which is not true for a great chunk of frameworks out there that have not being built with the new iOS 8/XCode 6 Cocoa Framework architecture. Most of the frameworks I use (developed prior to Apple coming up with the "official" iOS 8 Framework utilities and Xcode project options) use community provided iOS-Universal-Framework, which once an artifact generated using that project template gets added to the "embedded binaries" section of a depending app (ie: Cordova app), Xcode has issues doing its thing because they were not built with the iOS 8 framework magic in it.

      I suggest that the new behavior be the default (ie: add it to the embedded binaries section) but provide an option when declaring the framework dependency in plugin.xml so that we can override the behavior and specify whether or not we want it to the embedded (at that point the old <=5.2.0 behavior should take over, ie: just add it to the list of framework dependencies but not the the embedded binaries section of the project), may I suggest:

      <framework custom="true" embed="false"/>

      as the optional override (being assumed as true by default)?


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