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SSTables are not always properly marked suspected



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    • 2.0.16, 2.1.6, 2.2.0 rc1
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      There is 2 problems:

      1. During compaction, SSTableIdentityIterator doesn't always mark sstables suspect (nor always throws CorruptSSTableException in 2.0) This affects versions at least since 2.0 and up to trunk.
      2. Since 2.1, with CASSANDRA-916, SSTableReader.cloneWithNewStart doesn't preserve the isSuspect flag. This a problem because when a CorruptSSTableException is thrown, the SSTableRewriter is aborted, which replace SSTableReader by a clone of themselves and for the sstables that have just been marked suspected this (wrongly) clears the flag.

      The reason none of this has be caught so far is that the test that tests sstable blacklisting, BlacklistingCompactionsTest, always corrupts the very beginning of sstables (the first 3 bytes). This conspire in hiding the 2 problems above because:

      1. the CorruptSSTableException is always thrown when we read the very first partition key, which is actually properly covered in SSTableIdentityIterator.
      2. due to MergeIterator greediness, the exception is throw in CompactionTask.runMayThrow on the creation of the iterator (on Iterator<AbstractCompactedRow> iter = ci.iterator()), which is before the SSTableRewriter is even created, and so it's not aborted (and the suspected flag is not cleared).
        I've made some simple changes to BlacklistingCompactionsTest so it corrupts files a little bit more randomly. At least on 2.1, the updated test pretty reliably find the 2 problems above. On 2.2/trunk however, this doesn't find the 2nd one because since CASSANDRA-8568, SSTableRewriter.doAbort do nothing if no early opening was actually perform, which will be the case in the test. We would need a fancier test that ensure the corruption is far enough in the file that some early opening has been done when it's thrown. But I don't have time for writing that test right now so I'm gonna push that to a follow-up ticket.


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