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DISTINCT queries with LIMITs or paging are incorrect when partitions are deleted



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    • 2.0.12, 2.1.3
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    • Driver version: 2.1.3.
      Cassandra version: 2.0.11/2.1.2.

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      Using paging demo code from https://github.com/PatrickCallaghan/datastax-paging-demo

      The code creates and populates a table with 1000 entries and pages through them with setFetchSize set to 100. If we then delete one entry with 'cqlsh':

      cqlsh:datastax_paging_demo> delete from datastax_paging_demo.products  where productId = 'P142'; (The specified productid is number 6 in the resultset.)

      and run the same query ("Select * from") again we get:

      [com.datastax.paging.Main.main()] INFO  com.datastax.paging.Main - Paging demo took 0 secs. Total Products : 999

      which is what we would expect.

      If we then change the "select" statement in dao/ProductDao.java (line 70) from "Select * from " to "Select DISTINCT productid from " we get this result:

      [com.datastax.paging.Main.main()] INFO  com.datastax.paging.Main - Paging demo took 0 secs. Total Products : 99

      So it looks like the tombstone stops the paging behaviour. Is this a bug?

      DEBUG [Native-Transport-Requests:788] 2014-12-16 10:09:13,431 Message.java (line 319) Received: QUERY Select DISTINCT productid from datastax_paging_demo.products, v=2
      DEBUG [Native-Transport-Requests:788] 2014-12-16 10:09:13,434 AbstractQueryPager.java (line 98) Fetched 99 live rows
      DEBUG [Native-Transport-Requests:788] 2014-12-16 10:09:13,434 AbstractQueryPager.java (line 115) Got result (99) smaller than page size (100), considering pager exhausted


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