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CQL3: select multiple CQL rows in a single partition using IN

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    • Bug
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    • 2.0.9, 2.1 rc1
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      In the spirit of CASSANDRA-4851 and to bring CQL to parity with Thrift, it is important to support reading several distinct CQL rows from a given partition using a distinct set of "coordinates" for these rows within the partition.

      CASSANDRA-4851 introduced a range scan over the multi-dimensional space of clustering keys. We also need to support a "multi-get" of CQL rows, potentially using the "IN" keyword to define a set of clustering keys to fetch at once.

      (reusing the same example:)

      Consider the following table:

      CREATE TABLE test (
        k int,
        c1 int,
        c2 int,
        PRIMARY KEY (k, c1, c2)

      with the following data:

       k | c1 | c2
       0 |  0 |  0
       0 |  0 |  1
       0 |  1 |  0
       0 |  1 |  1

      We can fetch a single row or a range of rows, but not a set of them:

      > SELECT * FROM test WHERE k = 0 AND (c1, c2) IN ((0, 0), (1,1)) ;
      Bad Request: line 1:54 missing EOF at ','

      Supporting this syntax would return:

       k | c1 | c2
       0 |  0 |  0
       0 |  1 |  1

      Being able to fetch these two CQL rows in a single read is important to maintain partition-level isolation.


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