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countPendingHints JMX operation is returning garbage for the key



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      countPendingHints JMX operation should return a map from key: endpoint IP address to value: number of pending hints. It is returning garbage for the key (looks like binary data concerning the hint itself). The value looks correct.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Set up a two-node cluster.

      2) Disable gossip on the second node.

      `nodetool ring` output from node 1:

      Address DC Rack Status State Load Effective-Ownership Token
      85070591730234615865843651857942052864 datacenter1 rack1 Up Normal 21.46 KB 100.00% 0 datacenter1 rack1 Down Normal 6.67 KB 100.00% 85070591730234615865843651857942052864

      3) While the second node is still down, create a keyspace with RF=2 and a CF within this keyspace. Then insert two records into the CF:

      Connected to Test Cluster at
      [cqlsh 2.2.0 | Cassandra 1.1.2 | CQL spec 2.0.0 | Thrift protocol 19.32.0]
      Use HELP for help.
      cqlsh> create KEYSPACE demo WITH strategy_class = 'SimpleStrategy' AND strategy_options:replication_factor = 2;
      cqlsh> use demo;
      cqlsh:demo> create table users (username varchar primary key, password varchar);
      cqlsh:demo> insert into users (username, password) values (scott, tiger);
      cqlsh:demo> insert into users (username, password) values (root, password);

      4) Use a JMX client to execute the countPendingHints operation:

      jblangston:~ jblangston$ java -jar cmdline-jmxclient-0.10.3.jar - localhost:7199 org.apache.cassandra.db:type=HintedHandoffManager countPendingHints

      08/22/2012 14:21:37 -0500 org.archive.jmx.Client countPendingHints:

      {@B^h ?? ?[b??scottdemoscott?????password?▀×HtigerdemoF ?P?? ?[b??rootdemoroot?????password?▀×?Wpassworddemo=2}

      5) Notice the output. The value (2) is correct but the key is garbage instead of an endpoint IP address.


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