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Fix type issues and provide tests for type compatibility between 4.1 and 5.0




      This is a part of CASSANDRA-14476 - we should verify whether the type compatibility matrix is upgradable from 4.0 and 4.1 to 5.0, and if not, fix the remaining issues.

      The implemented tests verify the following:

      • assumed compatibility between primitive types
      • equals method symmetricity
      • freezing/unfreezing
      • value compatibility by using a serializer of one type to deserialize a value serialized using a serializer of another type
      • serialization compatibility by serializing a row with a column of one type as a column of another type for simple and complex cells (multicell types)
      • (comparison) compatibility by comparing serialized values of one type using a comparator of another type; for multicell types - build rows and compare cell paths of a complex type using a cell path comparator of another complex type
      • verify whether types that are (value/serialization/comparison) compatible in a previous release are still compatible with this release
      • store the compatibility matrix in a compressed JSON file so that we can copy it to future releases to assert backward compatibility (similar approach to LegacySSTableTest)
      • verify that type serializers are different for non-compatible type pairs which use custom comparisons


      • the equals method in TupleType and UserType was fixed to be symmetric. Previously, comparing two values gave a different outcome when inverted.
      • fixed a condition in comparison method of AbstractCompositeType
      • ported a fix for composite and dynamic composite types which adds a distinct serializers for them so that the serializers for those types and for BytesType are considered different; similar thing was done for LexicalUUIDType to make its serializer different to UUIDType serializer (see https://the-asf.slack.com/archives/CK23JSY2K/p1712060572432959)
      • fixed a problem with DCT builder - in 5.0+ the DynamicCompositeType generation has a problem with inverse alias-type mapping which makes it vulnerable to problems when the same type has two different aliases


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