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      This is a proposed "Events" section on the Cassandra website, listing (approved) events as small cards with a picture, a short description and a link to the external event website.

      The motivation behind this idea, which was discussed briefly on the cassandra-website Slack channel as well, is twofold: on one hand, it is desirable to provide this information to website visitors, which helps building the community through dedicated events; on the other hand, the Cassandra blog is preferrably not 'clogged' with too many event announcements so that it can retain its primary "technical" role.

      I tried to create a page that blends in with the rest of the website experience, but while doing so I had to make some choices. In particular, I propose an icon for the section (a circus tent) that I hope conveys a "playful but not silly" message; moreover, I added the "Events" page to the "Community" navbar menu to avoid adding another menu, even though all other "Community" menu items are from the community page.
      Also I am aware that the buttons alignment on the cards is imperfect. I blame my (very limited) css knowledge, this is of course something to improve if ever this draft gets accepted.


      The PR (which probably should be taken as a WIP, for the aforementioned button alignment issues if nothing else) is here: https://github.com/apache/cassandra-website/pull/185


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