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WEBSITE - 4.0 GA announcement + July 2021 updates




      HTML updates to be made to the website that include:

      • Added blog - Apache Cassandra 4.0 is Here, approved by PMC on private mailing list
      • Added card for the new blog to blog index
      • Replaced homepage World Party promo with 4.0 announcement and blog link
      • Updated homepage community spotlight
      • Added Backblaze logo to homepage logos list
      • Added missing <p> tag in Apache Cassandra Changelog 8 June 2021 blog and Cassandra and Kubernetes SIG Update 2 blog
      • Added <hr> tag and link back to blog index on World Party, Speakers Announced for April 28 Cassandra 4.0 World Party, and Join Cassandra GSoC 2021 blogs
      • Added cassandra-case-studies directory with the Backblaze case study
      • Added Backblaze to case studies index
      • Added Backblaze logo to img/companies directory
      • Added updates to Ecosystem webpage based on requests received to email sent to user list/dev lists including:
      • Apache Drill to Connectors
      • Digitalis to Professional Support
      • Nifi to Tools
      • Netflix Data Explorer to Tools
      • Changed Stratio to Cassandra Lucene Index per request on ML


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