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Cassandra throwing occasional NPE 3.11.x



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      Hey folks, decided to raise an official Jira(never done one of these before) about an issue we have found between Kong API Gateway leveraging Cassandra as our db.

      We run a C* cluster in 2 close DCs, 6 C* nodes total, 3 in each DC. Data replicated across all nodes. We have found C* sometimes throws NPEs based on the calls made by the lua-cassandra driver Kong leverages(https://github.com/thibaultcha/lua-cassandra). Very specifically it seems to occur when attempting to do paging across multiple C* nodes. When persistently paging to a single C* node we can't reproduce NPEs in C*.

      The exact Error C* throws with its stack-trace can be seen here:


      And again when we tried to upgrade from 3.11.2 to 3.11.4 in hopes it was already resolved:


      Same error same line numbers, so code must be same in this portion.


      Sample of our C* Config: https://github.com/Kong/kong/issues/4194#issuecomment-497595766

      We discussed this in the ASF Slack flow as well:

      ASF Slack discussion (https://the-asf.slack.com/archives/CJZLTM05A/p1559321422028200 )

      Some of the more important technical comments I saw people posting here:



      I am not a C* DBA so I don't have an exact repro for you other than stating what the client application was attempting to do(Paging across multiple C* nodes within a DC) when we could see the failures. Any Apache C* folk think they see the issue or could drop me C* JAR with extra debugging print statements I could run in dev to help feed you more info? Or if you see the problem and can one shot a fix so no more NPE and Cassandra responds appropriately to the client with some sort of error message around what was wrong that would be insightful.






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