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Improvements to Internode Messaging




      CASSANDRA-8457 introduced asynchronous networking to internode messaging, but there have been several follow-up endeavours to improve some semantic issues. CASSANDRA-14503 and CASSANDRA-13630 are the latest such efforts, and were combined some months ago into a single overarching refactor of the original work, to address some of the issues that have been discovered. Given the criticality of this work to the project, we wanted to bring some more eyes to bear to ensure the release goes ahead smoothly. In doing so, we uncovered a number of issues with messaging, some of which long standing, that we felt needed to be addressed. This patch widens the scope of CASSANDRA-14503 and CASSANDRA-13630 in an effort to close the book on the messaging service, at least for the foreseeable future.

      The patch includes a number of clarifying refactors that touch outside of the net.async package, and a number of semantic changes to the net.async packages itself. We believe it clarifies the intent and behaviour of the code while improving system stability, which we will outline in comments below.



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