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Ensure Netty Internode Messaging Refactor is Solid




      Before we release 4.0 let's ensure that the internode messaging refactor is 100% solid. As internode messaging is naturally used in many code paths and widely configurable we have a large number of cluster configurations and test configurations that must be vetted.

      We plan to vary the following:

      • Version of Cassandra 3.0.17 vs 4.0-alpha
      • Cluster sizes with multi-dc deployments ranging from 6 - 100 nodes
      • Client request rates varying between 1k QPS and 100k QPS of varying sizes and shapes (BATCH, INSERT, SELECT point, SELECT range, etc ...)
      • Internode compression
      • Internode SSL (as well as openssl vs jdk)
      • Internode Coalescing options

      We are looking to measure the following as appropriate:

      • Latency distributions of reads and writes (lower is better)
      • Scaling limit, aka maximum throughput before violating p99 latency deadline of 10ms @ LOCAL_QUORUM, on a fixed hardware deployment for 100% writes, 100% reads and 50-50 writes+reads (higher is better)
      • Thread counts (lower is better)
      • Context switches (lower is better)
      • On-CPU time of tasks (higher periods without context switch is better)
      • GC allocation rates / throughput for a fixed size heap (lower allocation better)
      • Streaming recovery time for a single node failure, i.e. can Cassandra saturate the NIC


      The goal is that 4.0 should have better latency, more throughput, fewer threads, fewer context switches, less GC allocation, and faster recovery time. I'm putting Jason Brown as the reviewer since he implemented most of the internode refactor.

      Current collaborators driving this QA task: Dinesh Joshi, Jordan West, Joey Lynch (Netflix), Vinay Chella (Netflix)

      Owning committer(s): Jason Brown


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