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RPM package for client tools - cqlsh + nodetool

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    • Type: Improvement
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    • Fix Version/s: 4.x
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      Feature request.
      I see you guys are picking up on the RPM packages.
      Thanks for that. That could even be improved if you could package the client tools as a separate or client-only package as well. That package could hold cqlsh and nodetool for example.
      That would support centralized, automated backup or other maintenance processes.

      Now the admin is forced to login to the box in order to use these tools, which is not really best practice, security wise. The admin would need to know an ssh account as well as the cassandra admin account.

      So, benefits or usage of a client package (cqlsh+nodetool):

      1. Supports automated maintenance scripts (simply yum the client tools to a temporary vm)
      2. Better security, as the admin doesn't need to ssh into the instance host.

      Without having to pull the full Cassandra packages on the clients.
      Datastax does have such client packages, but they don't support the community edition anymore, so I am hoping that you can do this going forward.



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