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Add hosted CI config files (such as Circle and TravisCI) for easier developer testing



      We currently require unit tests and dtests to accept a patch, but it's not easy for most contributors to actually execute these tests in a way that's visible for the reviewer / other JIRA users.

      We should push some standard config files into the various branches to facilitate easier testing.

      I propose we start with TravisCI and CircleCI, because:

      • Travis has limited free support for developers working on OSS projects, and is already an accepted vendor at the ASF (apparently the ASF pays for 30 concurrent tests already), and
      • CircleCI is also free for developers working on OSS projects, and has slightly more flexibility than Travis in terms of the number of free workers and durations.

      Both are enabled by pushing a single YAML file into each branch to configure jobs, and require each individual developer who WANTS to run tests to link their github account to the vendor. Developers who don't want to use this functionality can simply ignore it - they're effectively no-ops for anyone who's not already using those services.

      Are there any others we should consider including?


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