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Gossip breaks, Hint files not being deleted on nodetool decommission



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      How to reproduce the issue I'm seeing:
      Shut down Cassandra on one node of the cluster and wait until we accumulate a ton of hints. Start Cassandra on the node and immediately run "nodetool decommission" on it.

      The node streams its replicas and marks itself as DECOMMISSIONED, but other nodes do not seem to see this message. "nodetool status" shows the decommissioned node in state "UL" on all other nodes (it is also present in system.peers), and Cassandra logs show that gossip tasks on nodes are not proceeding (number of pending tasks keeps increasing). Jstack suggests that a gossip task is blocked on hints dispatch (I can provide traces if this is not obvious). Because the cluster is large and there are a lot of hints, this is taking a while.

      On inspecting "/var/lib/cassandra/hints" on the nodes, I see a bunch of hint files for the decommissioned node. Documentation seems to suggest that these hints should be deleted during "nodetool decommission", but it does not seem to be the case here. This is the bug being reported.

      To recover from this scenario, if I manually delete hint files on the nodes, the hints dispatcher threads throw a bunch of exceptions and the decommissioned node is now in state "DL" (perhaps it missed some gossip messages?). The node is still in my "system.peers" table

      Restarting Cassandra on all nodes after this step does not fix the issue (the node remains in the peers table). In fact, after this point the decommissioned node is in state "DN"


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