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Confusing error message on schema updates when nodes are down

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      Repro steps are as follows (this was tested on Windows and is a consistent repro)

      . Start a two node cluster.
      . Ensure that "nodetool status" shows both nodes as UN on both nodes
      . Stop Node2
      . Ensure that "nodetool status" shows that Node2 in DN.
      . Start cqlsh on Node1
      . Create a table
      . cqlsh times out with below message (coming from .py)

      Warning: schema version mismatch detected, which might be caused by DOWN nodes; if this is not the case, check the schema versions of your nodes in system.local and system.peers.
      OperationTimedOut: errors={}, last_host=
      . Do a select * on the table that just timed out. It works fine.

      It just seems odd that there are no errors, but the table gets created fine. We should either fix the timeout exception with a real error or not throw timeout. Not sure what the best approach is.



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