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[SASI Pre-QA] Creating SPARSE index with Analyzer fails silently when using =



    • Type: Sub-task
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Normal
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Fix Version/s: 3.4
    • Component/s: Legacy/CQL
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      Tested from build CASSANDRA-11067


      Tested from build CASSANDRA-11067

      CREATE KEYSPACE music WITH replication = {'class': 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor': '1'}  AND durable_writes = true;
      CREATE TABLE music.albums (
          id int PRIMARY KEY,
          artist text,
          title text,
          year int
      INSERT INTO music.albums(id, artist, title, year) 
      VALUES (1, 'Bullets and Octane', 'In the Mouth of the Young', 2006);
      INSERT INTO music.albums(id, artist, title, year) 
      VALUES (2, 'Quantic', 'Look Around The Corner', 2012);
      INSERT INTO music.albums(id, artist, title, year) 
      VALUES (3, 'America', 'View From the Ground', 1982);
      CREATE CUSTOM INDEX ON music.albums (year) USING 'org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.SASIIndex' WITH OPTIONS = {'mode': 'SPARSE', 'analyzer_class': 'org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.analyzer.NonTokenizingAnalyzer'};
      SELECT artist,title,year FROM music.albums;
      artist             | title                      | year
      Bullets and Octane |  In the Mouth of the Young | 2006
                 Quantic |     Look Around the Corner | 2012
                 America |       View From the Ground | 1982

      The index was properly created. It can be found calling DESCRIBE TABLE albums; as well as in system_schema.indexes.

      Strangely, the index does not return any data:

      SELECT * FROM music.albums WHERE year=2006;
      (0 rows)

      However range query using the index fails with a cryptic exception:

      SELECT * FROM music.albums WHERE year>=1981 AND year<=1990 LIMIT 10;
      Traceback (most recent call last):
          File "/opt/apps/apache-cassandra-3.4/bin/cqlsh.py", line 1250, in perform_simple_statement
      result = future.result()
          File "/opt/apps/apache-cassandra-3.4/bin/../lib/cassandra-driver-internal-only-3.0.0-6af642d.zip/cassandra-driver-3.0.0-6af642d/cassandra/cluster.py", line 3122, in result
      raise self._final_exception
          ReadFailure: code=1300 [Replica(s) failed to execute read] message="Operation failed - received 0 responses and 1 failures" info={'failures': 1, 'received_responses': 0, 'required_responses': 1, 'consistency': 'ONE'}

      The real exception message in /var/log/cassandra/system.log is:

      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.memory.SkipListMemIndex.search(SkipListMemIndex.java:75) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.memory.IndexMemtable.search(IndexMemtable.java:69) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.conf.ColumnIndex.searchMemtable(ColumnIndex.java:107) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.TermIterator.build(TermIterator.java:87) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.plan.QueryController.getIndexes(QueryController.java:146) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.plan.Operation$Builder.complete(Operation.java:423) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.plan.QueryPlan.analyze(QueryPlan.java:57) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.plan.QueryPlan.execute(QueryPlan.java:68) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.SASIIndex.lambda$searcherFor$241(SASIIndex.java:256) ~[main/:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.index.sasi.SASIIndex$$Lambda$248/1287847768.search(Unknown Source) ~[na:na]
          at org.apache.cassandra.db.ReadCommand.executeLocally(ReadCommand.java:354) ~[main/:na]




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