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Improved Camel CDI component



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    • Fix Version/s: 2.17.0
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      Since version 2.10.0 of Camel, the Camel CDI component hasn't been actively maintained and suffers from few design flaws that impede improvements and new features.

      Over the last couple of months, work has been done to refactor and improve the existing Camel CDI component. However, given that a redesign was required to make it more CDI spirit, the heavy work has been done in a separate project and the rational for an overhaul and the contribution list documented here: https://github.com/astefanutti/camel-cdi.

      As people started using and contributing to it, it'd be better to have that improved version contributed back to the project as soon as possible to avoid diverging to much.

      That new version of the Camel CDI component provides the following:

      New features

      • CDI events Camel endpoint
      • Camel events to CDI events bridge
      • Type converter beans
      • OSGi integration


      • Better Camel context customisation and lifecycle
      • Better multiple Camel contexts support
      • @Uri and @Mock Endpoint Qualifiers Unification
      • Dependency on DeltaSpike has been removed (only remaining for Main support)


      • CDI 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
      • Java SE: Weld 1.x, Weld 2.x, OpenWebBeans 1.2.x, 1.6.x
      • Java EE: WildFly 8.x, 9.x, WildFly Camel
      • OSGi: Karaf 4

      Test coverage

      • 100+ test cases
      • 90% test coverage
      • Profiles for (Weld, OpenWebBeans) x (CDI 1.0, CDI 1.2)

      Non-backward compatibility

      Compile time
      • The @ContextName qualifier does not have a default empty value anymore as it is irrelevant
      • The CdiPropertiesComponent class has been removed, the standard PropertiesComponent can be used instead
      Run time
      • DeltaSpike is not used anymore for the sourcing of the configuration properties. This new version is agnostic to any configuration sourcing mechanism and delegates that concern to the application so that it can declare a custom PropertiesComponent bean whose sourcing is tailored to its need. DeltaSpike can still be easily used by the application by declaring a PropertiesComponent bean configured with a PropertiesResolver / PropertiesParser relying on DeltaSpike. See https://github.com/apache/camel/tree/83d0d1b01db6a6df7953a2a14342367d0775a80c/examples/camel-example-cdi-properties for an example.

      More details can be found in https://github.com/astefanutti/camel-cdi#contribution.


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