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Support for Start Date and End Date in camel-quartz



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    • 3.14.0
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      The feature requirement is for the camel-quartz component to support a start date and an end date for a specific cron. This enhancement will allow users to set a specific time frame for the cron trigger, thereby enabling more precise scheduling and execution of jobs.

      Current Behavior

      Currently, Quartz's TriggerBuilder allows for the setting of a start date and end date for a trigger. However, it appears that CronTriggerImpl does not consider these values for scheduling. Additionally, the TriggerBuilder too does not seem to validate these dates.

      Proposed Enhancement

      The proposed enhancement is to enable the camel-quartz to support start and end date values. This can be achieved by allowing the following parameters in the URI: trigger.startAt=<timeInUTCMillis>&trigger.endAt=<timeInUTCMillis>.

      Expected Behavior

      With this enhancement, the camel-quartz will be able to skip the expired trigger based on the end date in QuartzEndpoint. It will also enable the system to avoid triggers that occur before the start date and after the end date in CamelJob.

      Use Case

      This feature will support the use case where users need to schedule jobs within a specific time frame, avoiding triggers that occur outside this specified period.


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