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Introduce a file component for Azure Files (mimic the FTP component)



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      I have a new RFE which includes integrating Microsoft Azure Files over public Internet.


      Initial findings and constraints:


        - Azure Files do not implement the FTP standard.

        - Azure Files could expose SMB protocol but SMB over public Internet is blacklisted by the security policy.

        - Azure Files could expose NFS protocol but its pricing is prohibitive (so security has not been even evaluated).

        - Azure Files have REST API <https://github.com/Azure/azure-rest-api-specs> and Java SDK <https://github.com/azure/azure-sdk-for-java>.

        - My team is used to Camel 3.x components (includes the FTP component).


      In pre-discussions having a Camel Azure Files component that extends RemoteFileComponent<FTPFile> took preference over trying to use the Camel REST component as a client of the Azure Files REST API.  


      The Camel Azure Files component that extends RemoteFileComponent<> does not exist yet.


      This feature request is to develop the Camel Azure Files component that supports:


        - producer

        - consumer (polling unless Azure Java SDK allows event driven)

        - secure auth over public Internet

        - move and moveFailed

        - filters  

        - recursive

        - read locks  (the changed lock unless Azure Java SDK allows a superior)

        - timeouts (connect, read, write, changed lock)

        - retries

        - disconnect

        - multiple protocol versions (if applicable)

        - compatible with Camel 3.x

        - many files 

        - large files 



      The initial question on the users mailing list, that ended with the recommendation to enter new Camel feature request for a file-based component.   


      Given that I see the two options:


        A: use Camel REST component.

        B: use Azure Files remote file component.


      Neither seems easy. For the Camel REST component, I'd need to implement a polling consumer via REST and match the FTPS component-like capabilities. For Azure Files, I have not found a developed Camel remote file component so its development would be required, i.e. likely a continuation at the Camel dev list...




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