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Unmarshaling a CSV file with the NEL (next line) character will cause Bindy to misread the entire file



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      I am using Apache Camel to process a lot of large CSV files, and relying on Bindy to assist with unmarshalling them into POJOs.

      We have an upstream data bug which causes a record of ours to contain the Unicode character NEL, but while we're working through the cause of that, I found it curious as to what Bindy is actually doing with it.  We rely on the unmarshal process to perform a batch insert, and because our POJO is missing certain fields, we started observing that the 

      Bindy is relying on Scanner to read lines in a large file; however, Scanner itself also does some parsing of the line with the assumption that, if it sees the NEL character, it will regard it as a newline character.  The modern Files API does not make this distinction and reads to a newline designation only (e.g \n, \r, or \r\n).

      There are two ways to fix this from what I've been able to smoke test:

      • Change the Scanner implementation to use a delimeter of the more traditional newline characters
      • Use Java 8's Files API and stream the file in

      I would personally want to use the Files API to handle this since it's more robust and capable of higher performance, but I'll explore both approaches and see where I end up.





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