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ZooKeeperRoutePolicy only suspends and not stops JMSConsumer



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      Suspended JMS consumers only pausing the delivery of messages from the broker to the consumer. So if the suspended consumer gets active in case of a failover it receives all the messages the failed route has already processed - at least if it is connected via a non durable, non shared subscription to a JMS topic.

      One might argue that this isn't a valid scenario - since you should involve queues (overhead of copying messages if a topic is what you really need) or shared durable subscriptions (only JMS >= 2.0; can lead to a (unwanted) backlog) if you use the ZooKeeper component for providing some kind of HA. One the other hand, if I need a lightweight solution and didn't care about the loss of some messages while the failover happens - and I absolutely need to avoid the additional load on the server for maintaining an additional queue because I rely on high throughput, I think I hit a scenario that isn't far-fetched.

      Also I don't think it's good to have a unused active connection per slave-node to the JMS broker with respect to the usage of resources on the broker.

      So my suggestion would be to solve this by really stopping the Consumer services. However I look at this issue by just inspecting the JMS behaviour - so maybe other consumer services exist that depend on the 'suspend'-behaviour (if the service isn't suspendable stop is called as a fallback anyway). So before talking about potential code changes I think we need to clarify if the described scenario is valid for camel-zookeeper and if stopping consumers is really the right solution for the issue.

      Thanks in advance; and please let me know if something is unclear or if there are areas where I can provide/collect further information.


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