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Rules fail to match because of missing link to parent equivalence set



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      There is no "parent link" in RelSubset, it is only for RelSet. However, RelSubset provides a "getParentRels()" link.

        public Collection<RelNode> getParentRels() {
          final Set<RelNode> list = new LinkedHashSet<RelNode>();
          for (RelNode parent : set.getParentRels()) {
            for (RelSubset rel : inputSubsets(parent)) {
              if (rel.set == set && rel.getTraitSet().equals(traitSet)) {
                continue parentLoop;
          return list;

      Now that we have a RelNode P1 and its input subset is S1, and we have a rule that matches P1 and does the following:

      onMatch(RelOptRuleCall call) {
        RelNode P1 = call.rel(0);
        RelNode S1 = P1.getInput(0);
        RelTraitSet t1 = S1.getTraitSet();
        RelTraitSet t2 = t1.replace(tx);
        RelNode S2 = convert(S1, t2);
        RelNode P2 = P1.copy(P1.getCluster, P1.getTraitSet(), S2);

      Note that t1 is NOT equal to t2. So right now we have two subsets, S1 and S2, in the same set; and their parents P1 and P2 in another set.

      P1            P2
      |             |
      S1(t1)        S2(t2)

      getParentRels(S1) would return P1, and getParentRels(S2) would return P2. This works fine except when t1 satisfies t2 (for instance, if tx is the empty collation trait) and as a result S2 subsumes S1. Thus the expression S2 = convert(S1, t2) would eventually turn into S1 after conversion, so P2 is also a parent of S1, and getParentRels(S1) should return P1, P2 instead.
      Suppose we have a second rule that should match P2 - R subsequently, R as some Rel in S1, it would NOT be fired since P2 is not returned in the parent list of S1. It would not match R in S2 either since it is in the form of P2 - AbstractConverter - R.


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