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Built-in support for simple DDL statements

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    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.15.0
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      I would like Calcite to support simple DDL.

      DDL (and other commands such as KILL STATEMENT) make it possible to do a wide range of operations over a REST or JDBC interface. We can't expect everything do be done locally, using Java method calls.

      I expect that projects that use Calcite will define their own DDL. (In fact Drill and Phoenix already do; see PHOENIX-1706.) Those projects are very likely to have their own variations on CREATE TABLE etc. so they will want to extend the parser. What I did in Phoenix (which was in turn adapted from Drill) is a model that other projects can follow.

      But the base Calcite project should have CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, CREATE SCHEMA, DROP SCHEMA, CREATE [ OR REPLACE ] VIEW etc. There will be an AST (extending SqlNode) for each of these commands, and a command-handler. Each project that uses Calcite could extend those
      ASTs, but it would be fine if it built its own AST and command-handler.


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