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In LatticeSuggester, record whether columns are used as "dimensions" or "measures"



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      In LatticeSuggester, record whether columns are used as "dimensions" or "measures" in the query set. And add a method Lattice.isAlwaysMeasure(Column), populated from these use counts.

      To understand the difference between dimensions and measures, consider the SQL queries

      select deptno,
        sum(salary + commission) as remuneration,
        sum(salary) as salary
      from Emp
      group by first_name || ' ' || last_name, deptno;
      select min(first_name || ' ' || last_name)
      from Emp
      where deptno = 10;

      There are two expressions:

      • salary + commission is only used as an argument two an aggregate function, i.e. a measure.
      • first_name || ' ' || last_name is used as a dimension in the first query (in GROUP BY, but in WHERE or SELECT or ORDER BY would also count), and as a measure in the second.

      When applied to a collection of queries, LatticeSuggester should record each individual use of a column or derived column (expression), and whether it is a usage as a measure. Thus salary + commission has [true], and first_name || ' ' || last_name has [false, true].

      In future we might store further information about uses. For example, if a column is used with aliases "expr$1", "profit", "profit" then we could go with the majority decision and call it "profit". Currently we go with the alias the first time it is used.

      When the LatticeSuggester builds a Lattice it passes on the use counts, and these power a new method Lattice.isAlwaysMeasure(Column). A Lattice that is made directly, not induced from a set of queries, will have an empty use map. (It is a minor burden for these lattices, but it is outweighed by the convenience when an existing lattice needs to be merged with a new set of queries in an incremental LatticeSuggester run.)




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