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      The Schema SPI provides tables, table functions, and sub-schemas via getTableNames, getTable, getTableFunctionNames, getTableFunctions, getSubSchemaNames, getSubSchema. And AbstractSchema additionally provides getTableMap(), getTableFunctionMap(), getSubSchemaMap().

      However, we do not specify what should happen if the schema changes; for example, what `CsvSchema` should do it someone adds a .csv file to the directory. Should it re-derive every time? Should optiq assume that the map never changes, and therefore can build a cache?

      This is especially relevant when handling case-insensitive name resolution. The above methods are (and will remain) case-sensitive. So the only way to find out whether there is a case-insensitive match for a table (or table-function or sub-schema) is to read all keys in the map. We would like to build a cache, but we need to make sure that the cache does not overstay its welcome.

      We could add the following method to `Schema`:

      /** Returns whether the contents of the schema (tables, table functions and

      • sub-schemas) have changed since a given system time. If this method
      • returns true, Optiq will rebuild the cache that it built at {@code time}


      • The default implementation in {@link AbstractSchema}

        always returns

      • {@code false}

        . */
        boolean contentsHaveChangedSince(long time);

      and a default implementation in `AbstractSchema`.

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