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Case-insensitive table names are not supported for Casing.UNCHANGED

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      While fixing (#168 | FLINK-168)/([#169|https://github.com/JulianHyde/optiq/issues/169] | FLINK-169) I realized `optiq` does not support case-insensitive table names for `Casing.UNCHANGED`.

      Here is the failing case (it does not yet exists in `optiq` test suite):

      /** Tests using case-insensitive matching of table names */
      @Test public void testCaseInsensitiveTables() {
      final SqlTester tester1 = tester
      tester1.checkQuery("select eMp.* from (select * from emp as EmP)");

      Validator threw unexpected exception; query [select eMp.* from (select * from emp as EmP)]; exception [Unknown identifier 'eMp']; pos [line 1 col 8 thru line 1 col 8]

      I guess the cause is `OptiqCatalogReader` that tries to use `map.get`: `schema.compositeTableMap.get(name)`

      I see several possible solutions, however I do not have performance tests, thus I am not sure how to measure the impact.

      1) Add one more map that maps `name.toUpper() -> Table`. The problem is `equalsIgnoreCase` is not the same as comparing two strings converted to upper (or lower) case.
      See relevant comment in `String#equalsIgnoreCase`:

      // If characters don't match but case may be ignored,
      // try converting both characters to uppercase.
      // If the results match, then the comparison scan should
      // continue.
      char u1 = Character.toUpperCase(c1);
      char u2 = Character.toUpperCase(c2);
      if (u1 == u2) {
      // Unfortunately, conversion to uppercase does not work properly
      // for the Georgian alphabet, which has strange rules about case
      // conversion. So we need to make one last check before
      // exiting.
      if (Character.toLowerCase(u1) == Character.toLowerCase(u2)) {

      2) Use `TreeMap` + `java.text.CollationKey`. This will provide locale-dependent case-insensitive map, however the performance will degrade

      3) Use both approaches: use special `HashMap` of previously resolved tables. When no table is found there, look into `TreeMap` as a source-of-case-insensitive-truth.

      The same might be relevant for wide types (e.g. types with 1000 columns)

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