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GSOC: New Brooklyn UI



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      This is an idea for Google Summer of Code (GSOC).


      Apache Brooklyn is a tool for running stuff in "the cloud", such as Amazon EC2. In more detail, it's a tool for describing applications and their components, deploying these applications to the cloud, and managing the ongoing health and responsiveness. Brooklyn does this using blueprints - human readable documents which describe in detail an application component, or a whole application. Blueprints are stored in a catalog, essentially a built-in database of components and applications. An application blueprint can call on component blueprints from the catalog, therefore allowing complex applications to be built from simple pieces.


      The currently Brooklyn UI is getting old and lagging behind the newest changes made into the REST API. It would need an overhaul to refresh it and more importantly, use the newest technologies out there in terms of front-end dev.


      Rewrite the Brooklyn UI and take advantage of the novelties introduced recently on the REST API. The goal is to improve the overall user experience, especially when:

      1. deploying an application
      2. viewing and managing deployed applications
      3. viewing and managing the catalog

      At least, feature parity with the current UI should be achieved. The only requirement is to use the Brooklyn colour palette.

      This project for green-field development of a new web based UI will involve:

      • selecting a modern Javascript web and CSS framework
      • working with REST APIs
      • a nice UI/UX
      • writing unit tests

      Note: The server side API is written in Java but an understanding of Java is NOT required.

      Prospective GSOC mentor: tbouron@apache.org




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