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Create a MAINTAINERS.txt File



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      Start with 0.9, lets maintain a MAINTAINERS.txt file which has component, maintainer names.

      Everybody please add entries here for components in bigtop that you will maintain.

      I think we Are we in agreement that,

      • Components that ARE NOT in this file, can be dropped without much debate. No point in releasing something that is maintained by pure chance of randomly someone deciding to add a patch.
      • Components that ARE added in this file will, for obvious reasons, be central to the architecture of the bigtop distribution.

      Componets are : YARN, HBASE, SPARK, HIVE, PIG, MAHOUT, FLUME, (many others ...) folks please chime in on what you can maintain in the comments below, and I'll craft the file.

      Maintainers list draft

      tachyon: david capwell, jay vyas
      spark: jay vyas,
      hbase: andrew purtell
      hadoop: mark grover, cos, andrew purtell
      hive: mark grover
      phoenix: andrew purtell
      bigtop-deploy/vagrant: jay vyas, evans ye
      bigtop-deploy/puppet: jay vyas, cos, evans ye
      bigtop-test-framework: cos
      smoke-tests(hive,pig,mahout,mapreduce,flume,spark,hbase,tachyon): jay vyas, david capwell
      bigpetstore: jay vyas, rj nowling,
      zookeeper: sean mackrory
      gridgain-hadoop: cos
      sqoop: sean mackrory, andrew purtell
      maven publishing and packaging:
      test-artifacts and test-execution repos:
      continuous integration infra:
      gradle / build system: cos
      pig: evans ye, daniel dai
      tez: evans ye, oflebbe
      oozie evans ye
      hue: oflebbe
      sentry: Mark Grover


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