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Enhance (gradleize) the build to ease development, deployment; abstract implementation


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.7.0
    • Fix Version/s: 0.8.0
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      As has been discussed on the multiple occasions different parts of the Bigtop framework aren't really well stitched together. It requires a certain level of understanding of the project or/and digging across different sources of documentation to be able to:

      • build Bigtop framework
      • build and install target artifacts (packages, jars)
      • prepared to develop or test targeted stack
      • enforce all per-requisites consistently
      • coordinate version updates
      • produce documentation
      • <add more here>

      There are isolated attempts to patch the flaw with small pieces of scripting band-aids. However, the problem requires more systematic approach, in my opinion. What we need to have is a declarative yet flexible build system that can

      • short to medium term: wrap isolated pieces of the framework and provide a single entry point to building, developing, deployment, and testing
      • long term: consolidate all bits of the framework in one comprehensive build management system

      An apparent requirements of the solution:

      • it needs to play well with JVM stack
      • it needs to be expressive and declarative to give us flexibility to incorporate a number of currently used frameworks (maven, make, puppet) in one focal point
      • don't limit our ability to replace (if needed) various bits of current framework with something more uniform.

      Behold, I propose Gradle.


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