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TypeMappingImpl is not thread safe



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      Original report and Cyrille's initial response below:


      Hello Manuel,

      My understanding is the Stub#createCall invokes methods on an
      instance of TypeMapping that is shared by the AxisEngine via the
      TypeMappingRegistry. Unfortunately, this TypeMappingImpl is not

      Here is a a draft patch that should fix it waiting for an official
      patch. Note that I didn't succeed in reproducing the deadlock, I
      patched according to my understanding of the problem.
      Moreover, I preferred to send you this draft/emergency patch before
      doing extensive testings. It works on my samples but I didn't look at
      the impact on performances (it should be limited ).


      Here is a draft patch to fix this issue. To use it, the easiest way
      is to unzip axis-1.4-threadSafetyPatch.jar under /WEB-INF/classes
      (classloader order).

      PATCH DESCRIPTION is the only modified class. Modifications:

      • use synchronized maps instead of plain HashMaps
      • synchronize internalRegister() method to ensure atomicity of access
        to maps in modification
      • synchronize access to "namespaces" variable in setSupportedEncodings
        to ensure atomicity of the clear-add sequence

      Hope this helps,


      Cyrille Le Clerc

      On 6/10/06, Manuel Mall <> wrote:
      > I am aware that this topic has been discussed a number of times, e.g.
      > I followed the advice that the locator is thread safe but the stub is
      > not and as I have only stateless calls I have therefore a single
      > instance of the serviceLocator and a new instance of the stub for each
      > call.
      > However, when I have many simultaneous client calls I get
      > random "lock-ups" of the system. The threads always end up stuck in the
      > same state, that is in a call to HashMap.containsKey (see below). The
      > trace snippet is taken from a 'kill -3' output. There were around 20
      > threads all with the identical trace. The only difference being the
      > address in the '- locked <...> (a ...)' line, which is to be expected
      > as I have separate instances of the stub.
      > I had hoped that the fix to
      > which is in Axis 1.4
      > had addressed this issue. But even after switching to Axis 1.4 the
      > problem remains. So it seems to me that there is another concurrent
      > HashMap modification problem left in the Axis code in the area of the
      > Type Mapping Registry.
      > Needless to say that the problem only occurs on a multi CPU system.
      > As I am really not familiar enough with the Axis internals I am
      > wondering if anyone with more insight has a suggestion how to avoid
      > this.
      > Thanks
      > Manuel
      > -----
      > "LandataWebPollRequestEventSlave:" prio=1 tid=0x8b48f0a0 nid=0x25cf
      > runnable [0x8ac74000..0x8ac745f0]
      > at java.util.HashMap.containsKey(
      > at java.util.HashMap$KeySet.contains(
      > at
      > org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMappingImpl.isRegistered(
      > at
      > org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMappingDelegate.isRegistered(
      > at org.apache.axis.client.Call.registerTypeMapping(
      > at org.apache.axis.client.Call.registerTypeMapping(
      > at
      > - locked <0x91cb2dc8> (a
      > at
      > at

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