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Move Apache Tiles to the Attic

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    • Type: Task
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
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      • A Project PMC decides to move to the Attic.
        • Conduct a discussion on whether to dissolve the PMC and move the project to the Attic on the public dev list. Do not conduct it on the private PMC list. 
        • Consider an appeal to the user list for interested users to provide their interest in helping out more. 
        • Conduct a PMC vote on the public dev list. 
        • If the PMC votes to dissolve the PMC and move the project to the Attic, inform the board of the successful vote (linking or forwarding the 'successful' vote) and add a resolution to dissolve the PMC to the next board meeting agenda. 
        • If the PMC can't get enough people to vote to dissolve the PMC (and there are not three -1 votes), then that is grounds for moving the project to the Attic. They should inform the board as above, noting that the vote failed to get enough votes.
      • If the board approve the resolution, open a JIRA item - 'Move ${project} to the Attic'.
        Copy/paste the following items to the details (see "How to") below for a description of each step):
        1. Confirm Board Resolution (if TLP) 
        2. Delete from committee-info.txt (if TLP) r87812
        3. Remove VP entry on http://www.apache.org/foundation/ (if TLP) r1849591
        4. Inform users of the move to the Attic 
        5. Create project page on Attic site: http://attic.apache.org/projects/tiles.html
        6. Obtain source control karma and point source control mails to general at attic
        7. Move committee's PMC data file to retired (if TLP) r1849652
        8. Remove from http://www.apache.org/#projects-list navigation (if TLP) r1849655
        9. Announce on announce at apache.org, see http://attic.apache.org/process.html#howto for detailed instructions 
      • Open an Infrastructure JIRA issue identifying the resources that need turning off/making read only. Typically:
        • Remove files from www.apache.org/dist  
        • Closing down of dev@, commits@ and private@ mailing lists  
        • Close down the user mailing list (unless still active - in which case propose a moderator to Infra)  
        • Make JIRA|Bugzilla read-only  
        • Make the wiki (Confluence|Moinmoin) read-only  
        • Delete unix/ldap group  
        • Turn off automated builds  


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