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Remove/replace use of TypeSystem with AtlasTypeRegistry

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      With introduction of V2 APIs in 0.8 release, Atlas core type-system implementation moved to use AtlasTypeRegistry (which uses data-structures introduced in V2 APIs). However, earlier version equivalent, TypeSystem (which uses V1 data-structures), is still being referenced in few places, like:

      • V1 REST APIs, to covert between V1 and V2 data-structures
      • notification processing, which uses V1 data-structures
      • DSL query implementation
      • AtlasClient API
      • unit tests

      Having to support legacy TypeSystem causes run time overhead in duplicate caching of type-information - in AtlasTypeRegistry and TypeSystem. Removing TypeSystem implementation will help eliminate this overhead and also improve maintainability of Atlas sources.

      This JIRA is to track removal of TypeSystem implementation and its references; where necessary, references should be updated to use AtlasTypeRegistry equivalent.

      • it is very critical to continue to support V1 REST APIs and processing of current V1 notifications
      • existing unit tests that use V1 data-structures will be removed and will be replaced with equivalents that use V2 data-structures
      • AtlasClient in new release will only support V2 data-structures; however, older version AtlasClient will continue to work with new version of Atlas server


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