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Inconsistency in Importing already existing types on backup cluster with new definition.



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    • 1.0.0
    • 0.8.2, 1.0.0
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      1.Created a tag tag1 on cluster1 with attributes :

      • attrib1 : string
      • attrib2 : integer

      2.Created a tag with same name on cluster2 with attributes:

      • attrib1: date
      • attrib3: integer
        (Note the tag names are same , and attrib1 is same but datatypes of attrib1 are different in both the clusters)

      3. On cluster1 , created an entity and associated the tag1 to the entity with attribute values

      • attrib1: "randstr"
      • attrib2: 5
        and exported the entity into zip file .

      4.Tried to import the entity into cluster2.
      Import failed with 500 Internal server error and with following exception :

      {"errorCode":"ATLAS-500-00-001","errorMessage":"org.apache.atlas.exception.AtlasBaseException: org.apache.atlas.repository.graphdb.AtlasSchemaViolationException: com.thinkaurelius.titan.core.SchemaViolationException: Value [rand_str] is not an instance of the expected data type for property key [tag1.attrib1] and cannot be converted. Expected: class java.lang.Long, found: class java.lang.String"}

      Following is the inconsistency observed :
      Entity is not imported into the cluster2 , but the type definition of tag1 in cluster2 had 3 attributes now (attrib1 : date , attrib2:Integer , attrib3:Integer) and 500 Internal server error is thrown.

      Normally, when a datatype of an attribute is attempted to be updated , Atlas throws the following exception and the type is not updated.

      {"errorCode":"ATLAS-400-00-029","errorMessage":"Data type update for attribute is not supported"}

      Expected the same to happen while importing (i.e) Import failing with Bad request with the proper error message.


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