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Exclude DELETED entities : Not all ACTIVE instances are returned when queried with limit 'n' even when more than 'n' ACTIVE instances are present.



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      "excludeDeletedEntities" filter is made after the response is returned, which produces unexpected results when limit keyword is used like in the following case :

      1.Started fresh instance of Atlas and created 50 hive_tables
      2. Made a basic search query , type name = hive_table which returned 50 tables in 2 pages in UI.
      Query fired :


      3.Dropped the five tables which were shown as the first five results in the first page of basic search query results.
      4. Made the same basic query again (type name = hive_table) .
      5.Expected that 25 ACTIVE results would come up in the first page of UI. But only 20 results were displayed in the UI.
      6. When "Include historical Entities" is checked , result table showed 20 ACTIVE tables and 5 DELETED tables.

      This happens because , probably when "limit=25&excludeDeletedEntities=true&typeName=hive_table" is fired ,
      first 25 results are returned (irrespective of ACTIVE or DELETED) and excludeDeletedEntities=true filter is applied which results in only 20 results. User would expect 25 tables to be returned in the UI since there are 45 ACTIVE tables but UI shows only 20 ACTIVE instances because of the "excludeDeletedEntities=true" filter.


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