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Retained messages from file system contain weird chars



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.5.1
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    • Component/s: MQTT
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      I'm testing the "retained message" feature of MQTT protocol.
      It seems that the broker works well while the retained messages are kept in ram: messages are sent correctly.
      But when the Broker needs to recover and send the retained messages from the file system (e.g. after a restart), clients receive them with weird chars inside.
      Following are the steps to reproduce the behaviour:

      [Server Side]
      1. Create a dedicated user and a folder for the Broker installation (with right permission for that user)
      2. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable for the above user (jdk 1.8.0_111 in my case), download and unpack apache artemis 1.5.1.
      3. Create a broker instance (set a username, password and role).
      4. cd into the just created broker folder and create a user by using the following command:
      bin/artemis user add
      --> set username = <username>
      --> set password = <password>
      --> set role = mqtt
      5. Set the broker.xml file accordingly to the attached one (by changing ip and folder references).
      6. Run the broker: in foreground ("bin/artemis run") or as a service (bin/artemis-service start) it's the same.

      [Client Side]
      7. use a mqtt client to publish a retained message on a topic. E.g. with mosquitto client the command could be the following:
      mosquitto_pub -d -h <broker_ip> -p 1883 -u <user> -P <password> -t /topic/test -r -q <QoS> -m "test for a retained message"
      8. use a mqtt client to subscribe the same topic specified in the previous step. E.g.:
      mosquitto_sub -d -h <broker_ip> -p 1883 -u <user> -P <password> -q <QoS> -t /topic/test
      ...it receives the retained message sent in previous step. The message is good.

      [Server Side]
      9. Stop the Broker: "bin/artemis stop" or "bin/artemis-service stop"
      10. Wait until the Broker finishes to stop ("stopped" in the log) and then restart it: "bin/artemis run" or "bin/artemis-service start". Check until it's up and running.

      [Client Side]
      11. use a mqtt client to subscribe the same topic specified in step 7/8. E.g.:
      mosquitto_sub -d -h <broker_ip> -p 1883 -u <user> -P <password> -q <QoS> -t /topic/test
      ...HERE THE ISSUE: it receives the same retained message published in step 7, but with weird chars inside.
      12. If you try to replicate steps 7 and 8 (publish a new retained message and subscribe to receive it) you will notice that the new retained message comes back to be clean (no weird chars).

      NOTE: it doesn't matter the client used for test. I replicated the same behaviour by using mosquitto_client, mqtt-spy and mqtt.fx


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