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[R] Installation on RHEL 7 Cannot call io___MemoryMappedFile__Open()


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    • 0.16.0
    • 0.17.0
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    • RHEL 7.6
      Custom R build in a non-default location


      Hey Team,

      I've been using Arrow successfully in python through conda and have been able to write and read parquet files successfully. Now I'm trying to have R users consume some of the parquet files I've produced. They run a shared R build in a custom location, so can't use conda with their setup. We tried installing the C++ libraries system-wide and then the R library in a user's directory, but kept getting Cannot call io_MemoryMappedFileOpen() errors on read_parquet(). I'm not sure if we've missed a step, or where to continue debugging. Does the R package have any known issues on RHEL 7? Below are some details:



      • RHEL 7.6
      • Custom local R environment in a non-default location

      Steps taken:

      1. Installed the C++ libraries first (now live in /usr/lib64) as described (v.0.16.0) in https://arrow.apache.org/install/
      2. Ran install.packages('arrow') in an interactive R session
      3. It couldn't find the C++ libraries and said No C++ binaries found for rhel-7
      4. Couldn't find https://dl.bintray.com/ursalabs/arrow-r/libarrow/bin/rhel-7/arrow-0.16.0.zip when it tried to pull the binaries
      5. Source download didn't work due to internal github firewall rules
      6. Installed without errors, but threw Cannot call io_MemoryMappedFileOpen() error on read_parquet()
      7. Removed the rlib/arrow directory and tried a different route
      8. Set LIBARROW_BINARY_DISTRO='centos-7'
      9. Set PKG_CONFIG=/usr/lib64
      10. Ran install.packages('arrow') in an interactive R session
      11. Binaries and package seemed to install correctly without complaints
      12. Still threw Cannot call {{io__MemoryMappedFile_Open{{() on read_parquet}}}}




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