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[C++][Flight] Running Arrow Flight benchmark on two hosts doesn't work



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 0.15.0, 0.15.1
    • 0.16.0
    • Benchmarking, C++, FlightRPC
    • AWS EC2
      Instance type: t3a.xlarge
      AMI: ubuntu/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-bionic-18.04-amd64-server-20191002
      Number of instances: 2
      They are capable of pinging each other.


      I was trying to evaluate the performance of Apache Arrow Flight on two hosts (one as the client and the other one as the server), using [the official benchmark|https://github.com/apache/arrow/blob/master/cpp/src/arrow/flight/flight_benchmark.cc].

      Flags I used to build the project were:




      The branch I used was maint-0.15.x since there was a build error on the master branch. (The build error on master only existed in the environment where I set up two hosts: AWS. On my local environment (macOS) the build was successful on the master branch. I don't think this build error is relevant to the issue since there is no difference in the cpp source code.)

      On the host acting as the server, I ran 


      On the host acting as the client, I ran 

      ./arrow-flight-benchmark --server_host ip-172-31-11-18

      It gives the following error:

      Failed with error: << IOError: gRPC returned unavailable error, with message: Connect Failed. Detail: Unavailable


       If I ran 

      ./arrow-flight-benchmark --server_host ip-172-31-11-17

      the error will be different:

      IOError: Server was not available after 10 attempts

      This is understandable since this host doesn't exist at all.

      This indicates that Flight is able to find the existing host (ip-172-31-11-18), but the communication somehow didn't succeed.

      The benchmark works fine if I run it with the localhost, either by not specifying the server_host flag or running the server in another process on the same host.

      I am not sure if the problem is in the environment or in the code itself. Could someone please give me some hint on how to resolve the problem?


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