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[C++][Python] Custom streaming data providers in {{run_query}}



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      Mailing list thread

      The goal is to:

      • generate a substrait plan in Python using Ibis
      • ... wherein tables are specified using custom URLs
      • use the python API run_query to execute the plan
      • ... against source data which is streamed from those URLs rather than pulled fully into local memory

      The obstacles include:

      • The API for constructing a data stream from the custom URLs is only available in c++
      • The python run_query function requires tables as input and cannot accept a RecordBatchReader even if one could be constructed from a custom URL
      • Writing custom cython is not preferred

      Some potential solutions:

      • Use ExecuteSerializedPlan() directly usable from c++ so that construction of data sources need not be handled in python. Passing a buffer from python/ibis down to C++ is much simpler and can be navigated without writing cython
      • Refactor NamedTableProvider from a lambda mapping names -> data source into a registry so that data source factories can be added from c++ then referenced by name from python
      • Extend run_query to support non-Table sources and require the user to write a python mapping from URLs to pa.RecordBatchReader




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