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Exit on error during startup

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      Our download-and-run program is built of multiple concurrent processes; one of these is Apollo. We have a parent Java process that invokes Apollo.

      Our users won't understand Apollo's log messages. If Apollo encounters an error during startup (such as "java.net.BindException: Address already in use" or "java.io.IOException: File './data/lock' could not be locked."), we can assume it isn't going to start up.

      We would love Apollo to exit with a non-zero status code in that case, so we can detect the error and report it to the user.

      Is this reasonable?

      I can think of two ways of attacking this issue that would work well for us:

      1) Exit with non-zero status code when any component encounters an error during startup; OR
      2) Exit with a non-zero status code when any component encounters an error and a special command-line flag has been set.



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