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Ability to add new processing code to the DAG



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      There are scenarios when new processing code needs to be added to an already running application. There are two scenarios.

      a. A bug is discovered in an operator and an existing operator in the running DAG needs to be replaced. The platform supports shutting down and resuming an application which could be use as a first cut way to do this but there are a couple of drawbacks.
      i. This only works when the input source has memory, if it doesn't the messages received during the time the application is down are lost.
      ii. Depending on the complexity and state of the application it may take some time for this entire process and the application to get back to running state and this delay may not be acceptable for the downstream components that depend on the output of this application.

      b. A new operator needs to be added to the DAG to take data from an existing operator and do some additional processing. Today this is supported as long as the code for the operator is already in the application libraries. Often this will not be the case as users will not know what the operator will be beforehand when the application is originally launched.




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