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WebConsole is adding a wrong cache selector to virtualSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin



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    • Java 1.8.0_144

      SO: Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit)


      We have a topic called VirtualTopic.document and four nodes (n1, n2, n2 and n4) listening to their queues created by the VirtualTopic strategy:

      • Queue n1: Consumer.n1.VirtualTopic.document
      • Queue n2: Consumer.n2.VirtualTopic.document
      • Queue n3: Consumer.n3.VirtualTopic.document
      • Queue n4: Consumer.n4.VirtualTopic.document

      Each node has its own selector, so that AMQ learns where to forward each message (selectorAware=true on virtual topic). In order to avoid loss of messages when clients are offline, we adopted the virtualSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin.

      It works well, so far. If I send a message matching the selectors of n1 and n2, the message is forwarded to the correct queues (Consumer.n1.VirtualTopic.document and Consumer.n2.VirtualTopic.document).

      The problem: if I browse on the web console to the see the active consumers on queue Consumer.n3.VirtualTopic.document ( http://localhost:8161/admin/queueConsumers.jsp?JMSDestination=Consumer.n3.VirtualTopic.document ) and send a message to any other node (n1, n2 or n4), the message is also sent to the unwanted queue Consumer.n3.VirtualTopic.document.

      I could also notice that only by browsing on webconsole to check the active consumers of a queue is enough to see a change in the binary content of the persitFile of virtualSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin. It seems also that disabling virtualSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin fixes the problem, but then we start to lose messages for offline nodes, which is unacceptable in our scenario.




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