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Replace Ganglia with high performance and pluggable Metrics System



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    • Ambari Metrics System


      Ambari Metrics System

      • Ability to collect metrics from Hadoop and other Stack services
      • Ability to retain metrics at a high precision for a configurable time period (say 5 days)
      • Ability to automatically purge metrics after retention period
      • At collection time, provide clear integration point for external system (such as TSDB)
      • At purge time, provide clear integration point for metrics retention by external system
      • Should provide default options for external metrics retention (say “HDFS”)
      • Provide tools / utilities for analyzing metrics in retention system (say “Hive schema, Pig scripts, etc” that can be used with the default retention store “HDFS”)

      System Requirements

      • Must be portable and platform independent
      • Must not conflict with any existing metrics system (such as Ganglia)
      • Must not conflict with existing SNMP infra
      • Must not run as root
      • Must have HA story (no SPOF)


      • Ability to obtain metrics from Ambari REST API (point in time and temporal)
      • Ability to view metric graphs in Ambari Web (currently, fixed)
      • Ability to configure custom metric graphs in Ambari Web (currently, we have metric graphs “fixed” into the UI)
      • Need to improve metric graph “navigation” in Ambari Web (currently, metric graphs do not allow navigation at arbitrary timeframes, but only at ganglia aggregation intervals)
      • Ability to “view cluster” at point in time (i.e. see all metrics at that point)
      • Ability to define metrics (and how + where to obtain) in Stack Definitions


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