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Use 'llapstatus' command watch mode from HDP 2.6 onwards.



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      • Till HDP 2.5, Ambari had used 'llapstatus' command to query LLAP app status and has wrapped around the retry logic for how many times to query 'llapstatus' command in order for LLAP app to reach RUNNING_ALL or RUNNING with 80 % containers Up.
      • With HDP 2.6, Hive has implemented a watch mode where Ambari doesnt need to have the retry logic in Ambari itself, and can use the llapstatus watch mode.

      Usage is as follows: (Information provided by prasanth_j)

      Following options are added to llap status tool

      -> -w : Watch mode waits until all LLAP daemons are running or subset of the nodes are running (threshold can be specified via -r option) (Default wait until all nodes are running)
      ->-r : When watch mode is enabled (-w), wait until the specified threshold of nodes are running (Default 1.0 which means 100% nodes are running)
      ->-i : Amount of time in seconds to wait until subsequent status checks in watch mode (Default: 1sec)
      ->-t : Exit watch mode if the desired state is not attained until the specified timeout (Default: 300sec)

      Example usage:

      llapstatus -w -i 1 -t 300

      The above command waits until all nodes are running with 1 second refresh rate and 300 second timeout (300 max attempts else fail).

      llapstatus -w -r 0.8 -i 2 -t 150

      The above command waits until 80% of the nodes are running with 2 second refresh rate and 150 second timeout (75 max attempts else fail).

      llapstatus -w -r 0.8 

      Use without providing the -i and -t options (Defaults used).


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