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[Umbrella] Multi Everything Architecture



    • Multi Everything Architecture


      Multi Stack Services (AMBARI-19621)
      Scenario: Deploy HDP & HDF services in same cluster

      • Deploy HDFS from HDP and Kafka, Storm, NiFI from HDF in the same cluster.

      Scenario: Deploy HDP services from different stack versions in same cluster

      • Deploy ZK, HDFS, YARN from HDP-2.5, but deploy latest SPARK from HDP-2.6.

      Multiple Service Instances (AMBARI-20463)
      Scenario: Multi service instances on same version

      • Cluster includes instance of ZooKeeper vX which is being used by HDFS, YARN.
      • User wants to add instance of ZooKeeper vX which is being used by STORM and KAFKA

      Scenario: Multi service instances on different versions

      • Cluster includes instance of SPARK vX.
      • User wants to add additional instance of SPARK vY.

      Multi Host Component Instances (AMBARI-20465)
      Scenario: Multi component instances from a service instance on the same host

      • Single host with 128GB RAM, 16 (actual) Cores, 12*4TB disks.
      • Single instance of KAFKA broker is unable to utilize all the resources on the host.
      • User wants to scale up performance by deploying multiple instances of the KAFKA brokers/host.

      Multi Cluster (AMBARI-20466)
      Scenario: Manage multiple Hadoop clusters under single Ambari Server

      • Customer has multiple small Hadoop clusters and would like to manage and monitor them with a single Ambari Server instance.

      Multi Yarn Hosted Services (AMBARI-17353)
      Scenario: HBase on YARN

      • Deploy second instance of HBase as a long running YARN service.
      • Manage YARN hosted service similar to traditional hosted services.
      • First class support for Yarn hosted services.

      Scenario: Credit Fraud Detection YARN Assembly

      • YARN Assembly can have its own ZK, KAFKA etc.
      • Manage YARN Assemblies as first-class citizen.

      Multi Everything Aware APIs (AMBARI-19620)

      • V2 Ambari Rest API to support Multi Everything Architecture


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