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Shows the 20 most recent commits for Struts 2.

Lukasz Lenart <> committed ae5630197980fe431f84eb26523f3b23b71f91bc (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4805 Ports proxy detection to 2.3

Lukasz Lenart <> committed 8f53b6f59efe0f713e4689ef10fe6bae5e4c0cb7 (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4744 WW-4694 Removes annotation search to commons lang 3.6

Yasser Zamani <> committed fa20b71fc2b7764e9f5bb1ed14fb356ab6fb3258 (1 file)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed 4c386c663cf094a6d40d90c56c5983e14d518c26 (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4805 Blocks ognl access to class members of Spring proxy

Lukasz Lenart <> committed 05f3b7a9b9623b1e2c1378fa37c55b1d64bad20d (2 files)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed 93dba5bce22e9e7e539e3e631166d6510efca023 (2 files)
Yasser Zamani <> committed 64788152910a84e7755a8302896a1fa2d5ecef7d (1 file)
Reviews: none

WW-4805 Improves ProxyUtil performance via caching

Lukasz Lenart <> committed 0100a6bebf90062ee4356dd170caa3047892b601 (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4801 fixes duplicated hidden field in checkboxListHandler

gregh <> committed 46153e78da63c7da40d0dbd410de1e5f25b462ab (1 file)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed 2fb431d97e479881cace53d4dc387a961b52f575 (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-3171 WW-3650 WW-4581 makes number converters locale aware

Lukasz Lenart <> committed cb0f42abccc884b2243fd9b9aac6a63f109e1af4 (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4762 Adds additiona LocalizedTextProvider which uses only default bundles

Lukasz Lenart <> committed 8b862f7cb2eaa6289ec9b36e7dc4a47521fc3bca (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4105 Adds support for Spring proxies when chaining actions

Lukasz Lenart <> committed 20eced95008a9e08a20a59f287115ede00268897 (1 file)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed f874f9cde56f74c5161b17e645f779805c51a04b (2 files)